Solid Brass Divot Tools You need a divot tool of some sort, you may as well carry something with some class! The Celtic tool or set comes in a drawstring bag; money clip tools come boxed as shown. Get rid of that old plastic divot tool now!

CS7B Celtic Brass Divot Tool & Ballmark Set.. $40.00 DT30B Celtic Brass Divot Tool.. $30.00 DT20 Brass Divot tool with Money Clip $12.00
DT23 Same divot tool with no money clip $11.00
Brass Divot tools & money clips shown directly above are gift boxed as shown at left.
DT24X Brass Divot Tool with Money Clip and Removable Ball Mark (2). Markers have a holographic decal, see variety at right. $14.00
Divot tool at left is also available with just one mark, DT24 $13.00 Or with a plain back, no clip DT24NC $11.00
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