Copper Bracelets from KiskatomCat

Sports enthusiasts everywhere are rediscovering the power of copper bracelets to ease pain. We at KiskatomCat all wear them and believe they are effective. We can't promise results, but you will look sharp wearing one!

Our bracelets are pure copper and not lacquered, so that the copper may be absorbed into the skin to get the natural anti-inflammatory benefit. If the skin under the bracelet gets discolored, the stain washes off easily with soap and water. Ends of the wire style bracelets are brazed using high-copper brazing solder, containing only copper and zinc, and the brazing is concealed beneath the ball endcaps.

Many people find that wearing a magnetic bracelet improves energy and circulation Magnets are not recommended if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker. If you would like the magnetic option, please check the box on the order form.

Twisted Wire Styles Beautiful handmade bracelets you won't find anywhere else.

Band Styles For those who prefer a flat cuff style and a non-magnetic bracelet.

Just for Women Super-looking multiple strand chain bracelets, non-magnetic.