Chains in Sterling Silver . Chains come in a black velveteen drawstring bag. If you order a charm or pendant also, we'll attach it to the chain for you.

KC7 18" French Rope Chain $38.00
Sterling silver 6mm French Rope chain

A bold chain suitable for men or women. Available in 18 and 24 inch lengths.

KC7-24 24" French Rope Chain $46.00
KC16 16" Snake Chain $18.00
Sterling silver 1mm Snake Chain

A sinuous, delicate chain great for smaller pendants or charms. Available in 16 and 18 inch lengths.

KC16-18 18" Snake Chain $22.00
Sterling silver Tinsel chain

An unusual chain, with a sparkly effect. Perfect for small charms, or for children's necklaces. $19

18" Length Only