Magnetic Ball Marks A great golf accessory and a great gift! You get: One nickel-plated clip with magnet, two interchangeable ball markers, a velveteen bag to keep them in (which is also perfect for holding tees or storing your jewelry while you play). Markers are anodized aluminum with a stainless steel back; plain colors have a holographic mylar decal. One each as shown in each item number. Markers are easy to see on the green. Tired of digging through your pocket for your marker? Just put the clip on your visor (or your kiltie, or collar), then snap off the marker, mark your ball, and snap it back on to the clip when you're done! Please note; this is a very strong magnet and should not be worn by pregnant women or if you have a pacemaker!

All sets include 2 markers, one clip, and drawstring bag.
KMC8 Both marks 7/8" $9.00
KMC27 Markers are 7/8" and 3/4" diameter. $9.00 KMC9 Both marks 7/8" $9.00
KMC10 Marks are 3/4" and 7/8" $9.00
KMC7 Marks are 3/4" and 7/8" $9.00 KMC11 Both marks 7/8" $9.00
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