Sterling Silver Ball Marks

Ball marks are @ 3/4" in diameter and have a nib or stem on the back. Each is packaged in a velveteen drawstring bag and gift boxed.

KC101 Elegant silver spiral design. $17.00

KC103 Adapted from a Japanese crest. $17.00

KC102 Stylized ivy design. $17.00 KC105 Handsome Celtic knot design. $17.00 KC106 Celtic knotwork. $17.00
KC107 From a design in the Book of Kells. $17.00 KC108 Celtic knot with irregular edges; an ancient look. $17.00

KC109 From a Native American design. $17.00

KC110 A very sharp-looking marker! $17.00 KC112 Almost an op-art look. $17.00

KC117 A must-have for any golfer with a bit of Irish heritage. $17.00 KC120 If your opponent doesn’t have a mark handy, throw him this one to use. $17.00

KC119 Balance in all things. Speed, distance. $17.00

KC118 Need a little luck with your putting? $17.00 KC121 Just a beautiful golf ball design, very slightly domed. $30.00
KC123 Good for your focus on direction. $17.00 KC124 Very cool , and perfect for a friendly round. $17.00 KC125S Matches our divot tool DT10S. $13.00 KC126S Matches our divot tool DT11S. $13.00 KC127S Matches our divot tool DT12S. $13.00
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