The Desk Set

The idea for this piece came from one of our customers, who wanted a place to display and keep her magnetic ballmarks. We decided to include some other accessories, too! This 8x5" desk set has a magnetic clip for markers, 5 of our anodized aluminum markers, 3 anodized aluminum tees, and a divot tool with removable ballmark. The grass-patterned background is magnetized to hold your marks. You can use any of the marks on the clip or the divot tool. Just grab what you need and hit the links! We'll throw in a drawstring bag with two sections so you can carry your tools and stow them in your bag. And if you don't have time to play, you can at least admire your accessories.

Colors of marks, tees, and divot tools will vary, but they will all look good!

Divot tools and tees are gift-boxed with our velveteen drawstring bag.

A 'keeper' of a golf tee!

Tees can also be purchased separately. KT1, Aluminum Tee $10.00 each

Or get a set of 3 tees for $28. KT1set

As shown left, with 'round' divot tool, DSR, $90.00

Or you can order it with our 'deco' divot tool. DSD, $90.00