Golf Ball Marks from KiskatomCat Everyone needs a ball marker in their pocket. Click on a link below to see unique and beautiful marks that you'll love to use or give as gifts.

Sterling Silver Ball Marks A wide selection of great designs! You're sure to find at least one you love.

Solid Brass Ball Marks Made to match our brass Celtic divot tool designs, but you can buy them separately.

Magnetic Clip-on Ball Marks These are very cool. Clip 'em anywhere so they're ready to use, and make a fashion statement at the same time!

Or skip to these:

American Flag Ball Marks Magnetic marks featuring our country's flag.

Holographic/ Screenprinted Magnetic Mark Sets Lots of choices! Get a magnetic clip with two different marks.

Special Ball Marks Magnetic Ballmarks include Birdie, Pink Ribbon, Snowflakes, Butterflies. New! Red Hats and Golf Ball holograms.