Sterling Silver jewelry and golf gifts, for men and women.

Tack Pins A wide selection of tie-tack pins with a golf theme, to wear on your cap, visor, lapel.. even as tie tacks!

Gold Plated Tack Pins Some of our tack pins are also available plated with 24K gold.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff Cufflinks, key rings, brooches, and a great business-card holder for your desk.

Chains An assortment of sterling chains for our pendants and charms.

Charms The best collection of charms for golfers!

Charm Bracelets Classics to give or keep.

Bracelets Including our new Add-a-Charm Cuff Bracelet

Charm Pins & Charm Earrings Unique designs you'll love.

Necklaces For men or women.


Earrings Hoops, dangles, and posts.


New Jewelry & Accessories A quick link to our newest items.